Essential Information For Customers

What happens at DOGZ CLUB?

It is divided into rooms that cater for dogs of different sizes and energy levels.

The dogs arrive in the morning where a friendly member of staff welcomes each dog into their playgroup for the day. For the first hour or two they just want to play, meet old friends and make new ones.

Then its organised activities, such as exercises with ball games and bubble play to upbeat music which releases high energy levels.

Then it is rest time – the lighting is dimmed, the music is slowed and the staff get to cuddle your loved ones.

At midday it all starts again, with a gentle wake up, gentle exercise is introduced with walkies and fun with the bubble blower. Time to pump it up – play groups are reassessed and exercise and fun re commences. Groups may be rotated to ensure maximum interaction with the other dogs. Toys are now introduced to increase the excitement and fun. Small training sessions and manners are tested for small treats.

As pickups begin by their owners the groups reduce in size and one or two of the dogs may shed a tear or two at having to leave their friends.

That’s the end of another day at DOGZ CLUB, with your pet happy and well rested. (so that you can too). Now it’s clean-up time for the crew at DOGZ CLUB so we can ensure the place it spotless ready for your dog’s next visit.


At DOGZ CLUB health and safety for our furry friends is our top priority. Each of our dogs are carefully screened to ensure they play well with others and meet the following health and temperament requirements.

Your Dog

• Dog must be over 3 months old
• Dogs over 12 months old must be spayed/neutered
• Must be upto date with vaccinations (proof required)
• Must be insured (proof required)

We Are

• Fully licensed and insured
• Local council license for doggy daycare
• Canine first aid trained and qualified.
• Canine Health & welfare trained

All dogs to wear a quick release collar with a name tag and must be on a lead upron entry

Safety Issues: If any dog misbehaves, or we feel is a risk to other dogs or people, they will be given a time-out, if this occurs more than twice , the owner will be contacted, and the dog will be removed from the daycare immediately.

Pick-Up: Owners can arrange to have friends or relatives pick up their dog, but you must inform our daycare staff in advance before we will allow any other person to take home a pet that is not theirs. Proof of ID must also be shown.

Late Pick ups: Late pick ups will incur additional fees of £10 per 15 minutes.

Cancellation Policies: Less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged full fee.

Feeding: Due to the high level of physical activity your dogs will be doing during doggy daycare - and the risk of life-threatening “bloat” which increases when dogs participate in vigorous activity within 1 hour after feeding, especially for large or deep-chested breeds. Therefore, we recommend that your dogs are not fed while they attend doggy daycare. Pet owners should realize that the risk of Owners who feed their pets in the morning before daycare should do so no later than 6AM. However, If you do want your dogs feeding then they will be placed in a quiet area for 1-2 hours after being fed.

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