Training Courses

Dog Grooming & Pet First Aid

DOGZ CLUB Training Courses

At DOGZ CLUB we have some interesting training courses available.

Pet First Aid Course

4 hour workshop - Cost £49.50 plus VAT

This is a great way to learn how your dog's body works and what to do in the first instance should your dog become ill, injured or is in an accident. The course is given by a canine behaviourist.

Call Us on 07968 505847 or 0161 477 6356 for more information or Contact Us online.

Dog Grooming Training

Fully qualified teaching staff overseeing all of our Animal care courses

The people at Riverside School based in Sale Manchester have been offering accredited dog grooming and other animal care qualifications for almost 20 years. Teaching students of all ages from all over the UK and worldwide. Their amazing track record of support and mentorship is why we at Dogz Club have chosen them to work alongside us enabling us to offer a number of individually tailored dog grooming courses which will be available throughout the year.
It wasn’t easy, we have undertaken rigorous training and quality assurance to enable us to teach the courses, but we have succeeded and become one of their, “Prestige Satellites”.

Our courses vary from

One Day course for the individual who want’s to learn how to groom their own pet
Diploma in Dog Grooming
Level 3 Dog Grooming which is both, OFQUAL and QCF regulated.

Our courses will allow the learner to gain the practical and theoretical experience that is necessary to become a professional working in the dog grooming industry.

Why not give us a call and we can talk you through what course would best suit your needs or visit Riverside Dog Grooming School

Call Us on 07968 505847 or 0161 477 6356 for more information or Contact Us online.